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«A2 Attorneys» was founded in 2015 by specialists in transaction services and complex court procedures. Our lawyers are professionals in their fields and work to help every client excel in their given area of specialty. We currently focus on four kinds of practices.

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Our lawyers spend a lot of time at principal's facilities that are under dispute. These include factories, offices, and land tracts. This work method helps our specialists understand the entire situation as a whole and sets us apart from the typical image of a lawyer who will pore over documents for hours in the office.

We work with Russian businesses and support local branches of international firms. Our clients include larger companies as well as holdings.
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Mikhail Aleksandrov
Mikhail Kurdgev
Maria Orlova
Partner, attorney
Partner, attorney
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    Creation of a joint venture.
    Description: An Austrian firm's representatives planned to enter the Russian market. They have decided to create a joint venture with Russian partners. The issue of importance was intellectual property: they wanted to pass the right to the joint venture while keeping the right to use this program by Austrians abroad.

    Task: To create a joint venture, to pass rights for intellectual property, to protect the Austrian side, to balance corporate management in the joint venture.

    Result: The joint venture has been registered successfully; software rights were passed into the joint venture, while exclusive rights were provided for the Austrian side for all the other markets. Parity-based management has been established.

    The project's financial estimate – US $22 m.
    Creation of a joint venture with the participation of the State corporation «Rostec».
    Description: The Principal has received an offer to increase his business via a joint venture with the state corporation «Rostec».

    Task: To counsel and structure joint venture creation: shares acquisitions, corporate agreement conclusion.

    Result: The Principal has obtained 74,9 % of shares in a new joint venture, «Rostec» has obtained 25,1 %. The joint venture is aimed at doing business in the field of full-cycle contracts in the construction of industrial facilities.

    The project's financial estimate: is esteemed to exceed 130 million rubles in 5 years.
    Registration of ownership of buildings and structures.
    Description: A metalworking plant had no title deeds to the main and auxiliary workshop buildings. The previous owner of the land plot underlying the plant also had no documents.

    Task: To study archived documents from the Soviet period when the workshops were built. To suggest how best to restore the permits and prepare the missing documents for the registration of title to the buildings and structures owned by The Principal.

    Result: The lawyers have prepared a legal opinion and a risk map for the project implementation. Following the project, title deeds to the buildings and structures can be obtained. The facilities are currently undergoing a safety assessment.

    The project's financial estimate: US $32,725,000.
    Counselling M&A transactions in a pre-bankruptcy state.
    Description: The Principal planned to acquire the buildings, equipment, and intellectual property of a competitor. At the time, the latter was in an unstable financial position.

    Task: To elaborate the structure of the transactions and to implement them. An important factor in the project is the possibility of challenging the transactions in the event of a competitor's bankruptcy.

    Result: The lawyers have developed a transaction mechanism that has enabled all planned financial transactions to take place and minimize the risk of challenge.

    The project's financial estimate: US $2.6 m.
    Sale of share in a company.
    Description: The Principal intended to buy a share in a company that acts as a contractor in crucial infrastructure projects. The staff consisted of over 200 persons in several Russian regions.

    Task: Support the sale of a share in the company. The difficulty was that the share that the Principal intended to acquire was being transferred by succession.

    Result: The transaction has been closed without affecting the company's operations.

    The project's financial estimate: US $13 m.
    Support of plant construction.
    Description: The manufacturer of heavy harvesting machinery intended to expand its business by building a second plant in the Primorskiy region using the investment.

    Task: To provide full legal support for the investment project and for the construction of the second plant itself.

    Result: The project has been completed, and the second plant has been commissioned and has started producing machinery.

    The project's financial estimate: US $13 m.
    Business restructuring.
    Description: The Principal intended to change the ownership structure of the metalworking business and withdraw all foreign companies from the shareholding structure.

    Task: To prepare the necessary documents and make transactions aimed at complex business restructuring.

    Result: The lawyers have completed the restructuring procedure.

    The project's financial estimate: US $52 m.
    Due diligence.
    Description: The Principal has selected a land plot for the construction of a plant for the production and processing of livestock products. Later, this land plot turned out to be a reindeer-herding site under the special protection of the State.

    Task: To analyze the title deeds, identify possible risks in the project, provide a legal opinion and negotiate with the authorities.

    Result: The lawyers have learned that local authorities were very interested in increasing the number of jobs. As a result, they have managed to agree on the removal of the construction of the facility to a different site fully suitable for the Principal's business.

    The project's financial estimate: US $4.5 m.
    Description: Investors from Kazakhstan intended to buy a Russian business establishment that is one of the top three in the fire safety systems market.

    Task: To provide comprehensive legal support for the transaction. A special aspect of the project was that all financial interactions were in three forms simultaneously (bank letter of credit, notarial deposit, and repayment of a legal entity's debt).

    Result: The transaction was closed, and the investors managed to buy the company's shares on favorable terms.

    The project's financial estimate: US $7.3 m.
    Inclusion of the principal`s claims in the register.
    Description: As a consequence of the debt conversion agreement, our Principal has assumed the obligations under the loan agreement. The consideration under this agreement was the payment of 720 million rubles. The payment obligations were secured by guarantees of third parties from the group of companies of a developer implementing large construction projects in the Moscow region, as well as by pledges of rights of a claim under joint development contracts.

    The bankruptcy of the group of companies has put our Principal's ability to receive funds in doubt.

    Task: to justify the legality of concluded transactions which, taken together, will lead to which, taken together, will lead to the inclusion of the Principal's claims in the register of the Debtor's creditors' claims.

    Result: The Principal's claims (of which 719,992,683.43 rubles is the principal amount and 23,605,754.61 rubles is the interest) are included as a third priority in the register of creditor's claims.

    The project's financial estimate: US $9.7 m.
    Exclusion from the register of creditors` claims.
    Description: An analysis of the list of creditors of the debtor revealed a company that meets the criteria of a fly-by-night firm, whose claims of 27 million rubles were recognized by the court as reasonable. The advisors have conducted a detailed analysis of the debtor's financial activities, identified several affiliates, and developed models for efficiently replenishing the debtor's bankruptcy estate to increase the likelihood of satisfying the Principal's claims.

    Task: To remove the Company's debt from the register of creditors` claims

    Result: As part of the appeal court proceedings, «A2. Attorneys» lawyers managed to prove that there were no grounds for including these claims in the register: the Company lacked resources to fulfill its obligations under the supply contracts and the Company's accounting records did not include the debts of the debtor. Through the efforts of «A2. Attorneys» lawyers, the Principal gained control of the bankruptcy and increased the likelihood of his claims being discharged in the bankruptcy proceedings.

    The project's financial estimate: US $356,530.
    Penalty recovery.
    Description: In the construction of a salt plant in the Kaliningrad region, the contractor has not performed all the contractual works, and failed to comply with technology and deadlines when delivering a part thereof.

    Task: To recover a penalty from the contractor.

    Result: The project is currently in progress. The salt plant will be one of the largest enterprises in the Kaliningrad region and will provide jobs for more than three hundred citizens.

    The project's financial estimate: US $10.5 m.
    Legal support of a housing estate construction.
    Description: A large developer has started building a housing estate in Odintsovo city. The project will enable the occupants of dilapidated and old housing to move to new blocks. The construction was opposed by the occupants of the neighboring block. They tried to block the construction activities in various ways.

    Task: To prove that the construction is not in breach of the law, unlike the actions of the occupants of the neighboring block.

    Result: «A2. Attorneys» lawyers proved that the developer's activities did not breach the law. Residents of Odintsovo city were able to move from dilapidated blocks to a new housing estate.

    The project's financial estimate: US $16.3 m.
    Collection of penalties from the transport company.
    Description: The steel company has dispatch a consignment to the branch in the Krasnodar region. The consignment arrived later than the delivery date, making the company pay penalties to its buyers.

    Task: Collect penalties for the delay of consignment.

    Result: «A2. Attorneys» lawyers have proved that the delay of consignment was unjustified. The court has recovered a penalty from the transport company.

    The project's financial estimate: US $22,757.
    State contract dispute.
    Description: The contractor accepted the advance payment for the renovation of a nursery school. The work revealed that the technical characteristics of the building made it impossible to do it as planned. The contractor informed the customer, and the latter demanded an immediate refund of the advance payment and refused to make changes to the work estimate.

    Task: To urge to make changes to the work estimate.

    Result: «A2. Attorneys» lawyers retained the advance payment and make changes to the work estimate. The contractor was able to carry out the work under the contract in full and in a proper manner.

    The project's financial estimate: US $847,000.
    Prohibition of the production of counterfeit products.
    Description: Large fire-extinguishing module manufacturer filed a lawsuit to prohibit production of counterfeit products.

    Task: To achieve a cessation of production that unlawfully uses the Principal's invention.

    Result: The court found that the competitor had unlawfully used the Principal's invention and prohibited the competitor from producing and selling the products.

    The project's financial estimate: US $6.7 m.
    Debt collection under a supply agreement.
    Description: A company's normal operation required software updating. It ordered software from the contractor who failed to deliver it in time. The company has not been able to operate normally due to this incident for several weeks.

    Task: To collect a penalty for delay in performing the obligation to supply the software.

    Result: The court accepted the delay, and most of the Client's claims were settled.

    The project's financial estimate: US $200,800.
    Litigation regarding the construction of the Olympic facility.
    Description: The contractor has completed the construction of the Olympic facility. All work was duly agreed upon and accepted. The customer did not pay for some of the work completed.

    Task: To collect the debt under the construction contract.

    Result: The court sentenced the contractor to pay more than the US $916,300.

    The project's financial estimate: more than the US $916,300
    Commercial courts

    Courts of general jurisdiction
    Head of practice
    Senior associate
    Junior Associate
    from 3400 EUR
    Appeal of decisions
    5000 – 17000 EUR
    Courts of first instance
    by agreement of the parties
    Supreme Court
    4000 – 11000 EUR
    Commercial courts of cassation
    4000 – 17000 EUR
    Appellate commercial courts
    6250 – 22500 EUR
    Commercial courts of first instance

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    - Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;
    - Debt collection;
    - Recognition of ownership;
    - Compensation for damages.
    Your request:
    How can we help you?

    - Support for the purchase or sale of a business;
    - Reorganization of existing ownership;
    - Formation of partnership;
    - Resolution of a corporate conflict;
    - Opening of offices of foreign companies in Russia.
    • Litigation
    • Corporate law
    • M&A
    • Legal support for foreign investors in Russia
    • 2003 — Kutafin Moscow State Law University
      Specialization - Financial law.
    • 2006 — Moscow University for the Humanities
    • 2018 — EMBA Kingston/RANEP

    Mikhail works on projects concerning transaction support, tax law, foreign investment. Likewise, he specializes in corporate conflict resolution, reorganizing existing properties, forming partnerships, and opening offices for foreign companies in Russia.


    Creating a joint venture with the participation of the «Rostec» State Corporation

    M&A transaction services in a pre-bankruptcy state

    Business restructuring

    Due diligence
    Mikhail Aleksandrov, partner, attorney

    Mikhail Kurdgev, partner, attorney

    • Real estate
    • Litigation
    • Corporate law
    • M&A

    • 2003 — Kutafin Moscow State Law University Specialization - Law.
    • 2006 — Kutafin Moscow State Law University

    Mikhail specializes in real estate projects, providing legal support for construction, purchasing, sales, leasing, transactions, investments, and more.

    In addition to real estate, Mikhail is actively involved in projects in the field of litigation and corporate law.


    Legal support for the construction of a plant

    Registration of ownership of buildings and structures

    Penalty recovery

    Prohibition of the production of counterfeit products
    • Litigation
    • Bankruptcy

    • 2011 — Moscow State University
      Specialization - Law.
    • 2011 — Moscow State University
      Specialization - translator.
    • 2014 — Moscow State University
      Ph.D. in Law.

    Maria has been heading the litigation practice at the «A2 Attorneys» since 2015, specializing in bankruptcy and dispute resolution projects.


    Exclusion from the register of creditors' claims

    Inclusion of the Principal's claims in the register of claims of the Debtor's creditors

    Legal support in the litigation for the construction of Olympic facilities

    Legal support for the construction of the housing

    Maria Orlova Partner

    8 (495) 545 49 17

    31A Leningradskiy avenue, b. 1, floor 18, Moscow, 125284

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